About us

Keyter Technologies is a 100% Spanish capital group of industrial companies dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of systems and solutions based on refrigeration and air conditioning technologies (HVAC+R)

KEYTER is recognized for its work in R&D&I and is committed to the development of projects related to technological innovation and environmental preservation.

The KEYTER team has over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of high technology solutions, under the principles of sustainability, reliability and energy efficiency.

With an increasing industrial footprint and commercial growth, KEYTER has a sales and services network with 10 offices in Spain and international offices throughout Europe, America and Africa

Over the latest years, KEYTER Technologies has stablished sales and service subsidiaries abroad in Holland, Turkey and France, as the first step in a wider internationalisation process.

Our overall strategy is to focus on the industrial development of new technological solutions based on the synergies between air conditioning, refrigeration, renewable energies and other related technologies.


PI Los Santos, C/ José Estrada Orellana, 2
14900 – Lucena (Córdoba) Spain

T: +34 957 51 07 52
@: keyter@keyter.com


Our Mission

Our Mission shapes KEYTER’s corporate long-term goals and represents our commitment to guidelines and decision-making criteria.

KEYTER aims to improve the living conditions of people around the world through energetic technologies and the best customer assistance.

KEYTER in engaged in improving our corporate and region images.

Our Vision

Our Vision is our “working plan” and sets the requirements to satisfy KEYTER’s aspirations.

  • People: Be able to provide our people with personal and professional fulfilment, so everyone can give of his best.
  • Stakeholders: Create and grow shared, lasting and sustainable value.
  • Region: Be a responsible agent contributing to the development of our close environment.
  • Products and Services: Provide the market with solutions that anticipate and satisfy its needs and aspirations.
  • Productivity: Be an effective, restless, curious, dynamic and efficient company.
  • Profit: Remunerate fairly all collaborators that contribute to the generation of value.

Our Values

Our Values are the guide for our actions and behaviours, and define KEYTER´s personality.

  • Leadership: Constantly strive to improve the future.
  • Collaboration: Enhance community attitude, both internally and with our stakeholders.
  • Integrity and responsibility: Be transparent and accountable for our acts.
  • Passion: Commit and enjoy our work.
  • Quality: Continuously seek excellence.