Metabolism and Ventilation in Heated Pools

The treatment that has been made to date of the Regulations and Regulations has not been very rigorous. Solutions have been taken which, although accepted by the majority, sometimes do not comply with the required requirements. This is one of those cases, and this time, in addition, related to the ventilation of the air-conditioned premises…


Hospital Air Conditioning

The Regulations of Air Conditioning and Ventilation of Hospitals are wide, the diversity of Zones to be air-conditioned and ventilated so indicate. From corridors to operating rooms, from delivery rooms to examination rooms, … the typologies and needs are very varied and different. Until today, where one characteristic is common to all, the defense against SARS-CoV-2 …


Photovoltaic Heat Pump

The global targets for decarbonisation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions raise the increasing use of renewable energies. Within these, photovoltaic solar energy is an energy source that produces electricity of renewable origin, obtained directly from solar radiation by a semiconductor device called a photovoltaic cell…


Industrial Air Conditioning

The air conditioning concept includes thermal, hygrometric control and ventilation levels to reduce the concentration of pollutants, VOCs, … As is easily understood, in the industry the concepts of thermal and hygrometric comfort can be complex to achieve. Industrial buildings are not offices where these parameters are …


Monitoring and Control Systems in Hospitals

From KEYTER, in collaboration with HEATCOOL, we face this problem for different Hospitals. For this joint project, KEYTER has developed a control system specially designed with the aim of protecting health personnel and other users of hospital centers, in the case of highly infectious diseases, and patients with immune system problems who are hospitalized.


Centralised 2-pipe systems for heating and DHW

generation using Aerothermal energy

Keyter organised in collaboration with Uponor, leader in underfloor heating, geothermal, multilayer piping, Invisible air conditioning, plumbing and PEX an exclusive Webinar.

The reversible heat pump

How to keep the refrigerant content small and guarantee a constant (high) water temperature at low outdoor temperatures.

UV-C systems against COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2)

Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light has been identified as one of the most important barriers to preventing SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) airborne infections.

Screw chillers with refrigerant 1234ZE

In 2004 fluorinated gases emitted by the refrigeration/air conditioning industry were responsible for 1.3% of global warming, up to 7.9% by the year 2050.

Different ways for dehumidification

The motivation and need to tackle the project is due to the fact that most of the facilities in the non-residential building sector have a high latent load.

Airconditioning for large spaces

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the regulatory requirements regarding indoor air quality and energy savings in large commercial area projects.

Climate efficiency in hotels

Due to the European policy, hotels must improve their energy efficiency and reduce their gas emissions.


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