KEYTER launches AirSanit, Air Treatment and Purification

KEYTER launches AirSanit, unique Air Handling and Purification Unit compatible with the presence of people

AirSanit combines several effective technologies in a single system to reduce and eliminate viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria and other microorganisms or pathogens, present in indoor air with an efficiency of 99.995%. These combined technologies also ensure that AirSanit can operate in spaces occupied by people, without any negative effect on them, as it does not use any substances that are harmful to health, such as ozone, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or hydroxyl, for example.
KEYTER INTARCON GENAQ R&D teams, Andalusian companies with more than 30 years of experience in the research and development of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration units, as well as atmospheric water generators, respectively, have joined forces to develop a certified technology effective against SARS-COVID 19 that goes one step further than those currently on the market.

Research centres from the University of Córdoba, IMIBIC Instituto Maimónides de Biomecánica de Córdoba, and the certification company DEKRA in Málaga have participated in this project.

KEYTER, which already has products that ensures the quality of indoor air, is leading the research and is in charge of manufacturing, incorporating some of the latest technologies already present in its units to AirSanit in combination with other technologies of tested effectiveness against this type of noxious components.

AirSanit Technology

AirSanit is a low speed Air Handling and Purification Unit with a double germicidal effect, designed under a modular concept which eliminates bioaerosols that serve as carriers of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, including multi-resistant bacteria responsible for nosocomial diseases and other microorganisms, present in the indoor air, in addition to other particles such as pollen, mold, dust, etc…

AirSanit is equipped with a system of pre-filters and HEPA13 or 14 filters achieving up to 99.995% effectiveness against viruses. Its design includes a UVGI lamp system, with an exclusive design where the air flow is irradiated under the UVGI effect and enhanced by the reflection produced on the interior walls of the unit made of smooth stainless steel, while the surface of the HEPA filter is also irradiated. The unit operates at low speed increasing time of permanence of the treated airflow under UVGI irradiation and, thereby, increasing the degree of disinfection, sufficient for the inactivation of microorganisms, viruses or bacteria such as E. Coli, TBC, SARS, Legionella, moulds, spores, etc… This double germinating effect is also combined with our exclusive Detox System, developed by KEYTER, which completely deactivates the viruses contained in the particles retained by the HEPA filters and present in the unit, allowing maintenance work on both HEPA filters and UVGI lamps to be carried out in complete safety for operators.

AirSanit Air Purification

AirSanit has been developed for greater versatility in your facilities in a Mobile version with wheels, plug & play, with no installation requirements to enjoy its benefits immediately in spaces such as clinics, health centres, offices, shops and businesses, residential and hospitality. In addition, there is PRO version for installations with air ducts in places such as hospitals, airports, educational centers, hotels, residences or shopping centers among others.
The main AirSanit advantage compared to other solutions, besides the inactivation of viruses for safe of maintenance processes, is the possibility of continuous use, achieving a permanent and 100% safe disinfectant effect for simultaneous use by people and/or animals.

This system drastically reduces viral loads distribution in air and therefore reduces airborne infections, creating safer spaces for the health of workers and users.

These units can be in operation 24 hours a day allowing remote monitoring based on Cloud system (IoT), are fully programmable and have maintenance alarm systems to ensure 100% efficient operation throughout their activity. Its user interface also provides information on the Indoor Air Quality showing interesting data like the content of CO2, VOC, PM2.5 and PM10, as well as information of the status of the HEPA filter or of the temperature and relative humidity contained of the ambient air, in the unit, etc.

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