KEYTER participates in EJERCER Project of the FEDER Interconecta Programme

Causes to get into the project

Energy demand for refrigeration and air conditioning is expected to increase by 72% in the years 2000-2100. This increase will involve an acceleration in fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become a major driver of technology.

In addition, the requirements imposed by the European Commission with the F-Gas Regulation have attracted a lot of attention towards naturally sourced refrigerants. These can be considered economically and environmentally sustainable, and can be used in heat pump systems, refrigeration, cryogenics and product preservation. The main challenges for these refrigerants are high working pressures and possible flammability (e.g. present in the case of propane).

Regarding the energy efficiency requirements, it is established that professional refrigerated storage cabinets within the scope of this Regulation shall comply with the following limits of the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI):

(a) From 1 July 2016: EEI < 115

(b) From 1 July 2018: EEI < 95

(c) From 1 July 2019: EEI < 85

What we hope to achieve

The purpose of the project is the optimal design of heat and cold production cycles with ejectors for different uses: air conditioning.

KEYTER aims to search for other systems and refrigerants to meet the new restrictions on refrigerants.

Moreover, given the high flammability of the new coolant, it will be necessary to acquire experience and develop new work methods to undertake the execution of the machines with total safety and confidence. In this aspect we will be supported by the great experience acquired by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

It will be necessary to develop this technology with prototypes to make a database with which to offer the market the new range of chillers and heat pumps.

Therefore, for this project, the company needs a change in manufacturing to adapt to the new regulations and all the modifications involved in the refrigeration cycles, the techniques of execution of the chillers. Allowing to increase the creation of new knowledge, generation of technical ideas aimed at obtaining new products, and the transfer of these ideas to the stages of manufacturing, distribution and use. We can highlight the following points:

  1. Technological development as one of the pillars of the company’s strategic plan.
  2. New ideas that help to differentiate the company from the competitors.
  3. Use of technological monitoring to detect threats/opportunities.
  4. Management of technological and innovation projects with systems for planning and controlling them.
  5. Innovation guarantee: business.
  6. Generation, conservation and management of knowledge within the company.

Specifically, this project fits in with the company’s R+D+i policy, which is focused on three strategic axes

– Environmental preservation, through the development of units and systems that use innocuous refrigerants.

– Energy savings through the development of increasingly efficient units and the use of renewable energies.

Increasing the quality of service for the final user.


An incentive of 137,867.35 euros has been received from the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, of the Government of Andalusia, co-financed in 80% by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF for the implementation of the project “Investment to increase production and improve competitiveness with a new production line”, with the aim of “Achieving a more competitive business fabric”.

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