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Our story is about people. We create warmth and cold on places where you are. Where you feel comfortable. And where you can be yourself. Places to work. Everywhere. Always with love for our environment: for us and for the younger generation.


We are based in the area of olives and heat, the southern Spain region of Andalusia. Our office is located in Lucena, where it all started in 2007 with some chillers. Nowadays, we are a growing company that is way more than that. We help people and societies with innovative solutions to manage their climate on a sustainable and healthy way.


Today, we are active on all continents and have different offices around the world. We are privileged to connect with thousands of people with our exceptional products. Always close to our clients, our suppliers and their projects.

“I want to thank our shareholders, colleagues, customers and suppliers for their trust in our company. Together we green up the world everyday a little more”

Antonio Blanco (CEO)


HVAC+R solution makers

Keyter is a group of industrial companies dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of systems and solutions based on refrigeration and air conditioning technologies (HVAC+R). As an Andalusian based organization, we are located in the hottest area of Europe what enables us to test our
machines under the most extreme circumstances.


We are recognized for our work in R&D and being committed to the development of projects related to technological innovation and environmental preservation.

With an increasing industrial footprint and commercial growth, Keyter has a sales and services network with 10 offices in Spain and international offices throughout Europe, America and Africa. Over the latest years, we have stablished sales and service subsidiaries abroad in the Netherlands, Turkey and France, as the first step in a wider internationalization process.


Our overall strategy is to focus on the industrial development of new technological solutions based on the synergies between air conditioning, refrigeration, renewable energies and other related technologies.


Want to be part of the Keyter family and
contribute to a greener world?



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