194-678 kW



Adaptation and Versatility

   Versions with hydraulic unit and built-in buffer tank to reduce compressor short cycling.

  Available with plate heat exchangers (KWA) or shell and tube heat exchangers (KWM)

  Condensing pressure control as standard for all year operation.

  Adaptability to the facility offering a wide range of models.

  Maximum accessibility and easy maintenance thanks to removable panels.

  Water free-cooling system for free-cooling.

Energy efficiency

High energy efficiency in partial and full load, reducing operating costs.

 Complies with ErP 2021.

Tandem multiscroll to improve seasonal energy efficiency.

Electronic fans and electronic expansion valve for minimal energy consumption.

Equipment with a hydraulic unit can include high performance electronic pumps.

  Hot gas partial and full heat recovery system for DHW.


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Hydraulic versions

   KWA/KWM – Standard version (S)

Equipment with no hydraulic unit.
KWA units with a plate heat exchanger and KWM units with a shell and tube heat exchanger and condensing pressure regulation via a variable frequency drive.
The KWA/KWM units have triple protection for the heat exchanger, as the series production version includes a flow switch, antifreeze protection for
water and antifreeze protection for freon.

   KWA/KWM – Version with hydraulic unit (P)

Integrated hydraulic unit composed of a circulation pump suitable for water or glycol water to 0°C, bleed and stop valves, pressure gauges and a flow switch.
For temperatures lower than 0°C, the low temperature kit is required, which includes electrical heaters in the hydraulic elements, insulation on the heat
exchanger, water piping and expansion vessel and a replacement pump for small models. This kit allows it to work with water down to -10ºC.

   KWA/KWM – Version with hydraulic unit and buffer tank (H) (see module dimensions)



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