Climate efficiency in hotels

In the current situation of the hotel sector, the decision of European policy is to force through regulations to improve the energy efficiency of the facilities. But also to reduce gas emissions greenhouse effect by reducing the use of these compounds.


Keyter has developed a strategy that is fully aligned with this policy, specifically designed for each branche we operate in. Especially for the hotel sector, with new products and units.

Products designed for the branche

With the launch of the Keyter Catalogue,  we present a new range of products designed for the sector. Think about multipurpose equipment, such as chillers and heat pumps with partial and total energy recovery for simultaneous cold production. But also heat and domestic hot water, with an innovative refrigeration circuit with special components designed to optimize the use of cooling fluids and energy.


In addition, the new products in the catalogue are focused on promoting the efficient use in the management of these refrigerant fluids. Mainly in the maintenance of the facilities, developing equipment that is designed for its current use with R410A refrigerant, but that are designed so that in the future they can be easily reconverted using simple procedures in the low GWP refrigerant, such as R452B.


This is also the case of the equipment for the production of sanitary hot water or high temperature heat pumps specifically developed for the hotel branche, which already make use of the low GWP index gases of category A1, R513A or R450A. Herewith, they’re taking advantage of its ability to reach high temperature water production temperature ranges of 65ºC, 75ºC and up to 80ºC with low GWP index gases.


Finally, the promotion of the use of these low GWP gases, in addition to the technological and ecological advantages that it entails, has advantages in terms of the lower impact of gas taxes by using gases with less greenhouse effect.

Meet the environmental requirements

As a leading thermodynamical technologies company, we offer multiple highly efficient solutions for hotels:

  • Heat pump systems with recovery
  • Combined partial-total recovery


Main circuit with cold-hot water generation that incorporates additional plate recuperator. It recovers the heat of condensation to generate DHW for free.


This system fully adapts its operation according to the water temperature, obtaining a total recovery in low water temperatures. Depending on the increase in the return water temperature, the equipment adapts the recovery by means of the EC fans without penalizing the cooling performance of the equipment. High temperature geothermal heat pumps and high efficiency water-water equipment.


Water-water equipment optimized for R-134ª refrigerant. Equipped with special high compression ratio compressors:

  • Water temperature 70ºC with low evaporation temperatures
  • Water temperature higher than 80ºC with high evaporation temperatures

Needs for hotels

These teams aim to cover the typical needs of hotels:

  • Different simultaneous thermal demands
  • HV, MT and LV refrigeration, and heat recovery for hot water
  • Ensure the uninterrupted operation of the cold installations
  • Need to reduce the electricity bill and operating costs, pursuing energy efficiency and operational reliability
  • Reduce the space for facilities
  • Search for more compact installations, sometimes without a specific machine room
  • Reduction of acoustic impact by proposing very silent solutions
  • Social commitment and compliance with regulatory requirements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


With this type of solution, Keyter proposes alternatives with which it is possible to recover 100% of the residual heat throughout the year without implying additional consumption. With partial recovery at high temperatures for DHW production and total recovery for DHW preheating.

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