The Crime Prevention Plan describes the Criminal Liability Regime of legal entities, classifies the relevant risks that could be derived for Keyter Technologies, S.L., establishes internal control measures and action protocols with the aim of preventing the commission of crimes that could give rise to criminal liability in the company. Therefore, its implementation gives our company the image of an ethical, integral and transparent company.

Ethical code

The Code of Ethics is an essential and integrated part of the Plan and contains rules of conduct and ethical standards that are imperative for all persons subject to the Plan.

It was approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting of 26 March 2019.

Compliance committee

It is the highest body that guarantees compliance with the Keyter Technologies, S.L. Code of Ethics and the internal regulations for its development. Likewise, in its function as Criminal Compliance Officer, it is the body in charge of identifying our company’s criminal risks and evaluating, analyzing, implementing, improving and monitoring the Crime Prevention System.

Risk activities, crimes and policy of actions

The corporate purpose of Keyter Technologies, S.L. is the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment and solutions based on refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies. Therefore, when carrying out any of its activities for this purpose, different risk situations may arise that may lead to the commission of any of the relevant crimes.

In turn, the action policies are the protocols or procedures to follow established by Keyter Technologies, S.L. with the aim of preventing the commission of criminal conduct in the exercise of risk activities.

Ethical channel (complaints channel)

In addition to the Code of Ethics, an information/denunciation channel is defined, which it allows confidentially: consult any doubt about the interpretation of the Code of Ethics, its implementing regulations as well as the applicable internal legislation and regulations. The e-mail address provided for this purpose will be


Communicate breaches of the Code of Ethics, its implementing regulations as well as applicable legislation and regulations.


The Ethical Channel is managed by the Compliance Committee.

Complaint form

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    Updated January 2024


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