NEWS • 18.07.2023

Efficiency and Sustainability: Explore KEYTER’s ZIRAN Pro Reversible Heat Pumps with Eco-friendly R290 Refrigerant.

KEYTER revolutionizes the HVAC market with the release of its first range of reversible air-water heat pump units, ZIRAN Pro, optimized for R290 (propane)! This innovative solution, designed and manufactured by KEYTER, showcases their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The ZIRAN Pro KWR units, reversible heat pumps with a heating capacity ranging from 40 kW to 270 kW, have been specially designed to meet the demands of commercial and industrial applications. Optimized for the use of R290 refrigerant and equipped with Full-Inverter technology, these units are part of the new PRO series developed by KEYTER.

One of the standout features of these units is their reduced refrigerant charge, with an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0 and a safety classification of A3. The R290 refrigerant (propane) stands as an environmentally friendly option, with low environmental impact and high thermodynamic performance.

These reversible air-water heat pumps are designed to produce high-temperature water, providing an efficient solution for your HVAC needs. Furthermore, their robust and reliable design includes leak detection and ATEX extraction fans, ensuring maximum safety.

Proper equipment protection and noise level reduction are key aspects that KEYTER has considered when developing these units. Thanks to careful insulation, they achieve a super-quiet operation, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Moreover, these units are equipped with intelligent regulation that ensures an optimal defrosting process. This contributes to their energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for your HVAC needs.

KEYTER’s compact Full-Inverter units feature semi-hermetic Inverter piston compressors and high-quality EC fans, ensuring the best seasonal performance (SEER/SCOP). The energy efficiency of these units far exceeds the limits required for ErP 2021 compliance.

These reversible air-water heat pumps from KEYTER have a wide operating range, with high efficiency and extended operating limits, allowing for optimal performance even at low outdoor temperatures of up to -15ºC at full load.

With the launch of their first reversible air-water heat pump based on natural gas R290 (propane) as a refrigerant, KEYTER has achieved a significant breakthrough in the HVAC industry. These units not only offer exceptional performance but also contribute to environmental protection and energy savings.

If you are looking for a high-performance, efficient, and sustainable HVAC solution for your commercial or industrial applications, KEYTER’s new PRO series is the perfect choice. Join KEYTER in their commitment to innovation and sustainability and enjoy a comfortable environment with maximum energy efficiency.


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