Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22nd, for the effective equality of women and men, aims to make effective the right to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, through the elimination of discrimination on the basis of sex, whatever the circumstances or conditions, in any area of life, and in particular in the field of work, where it proposes actions to promote the reconciliation of personal, working and family life.

As a consequence of this, KEYTER TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. has approved the present Equality Plan from the conviction that non-discrimination, equality and the conciliation of family, work and personal life, means a better quality of life for the human capital of the company, contributing in this way to increase productivity and deriving in a greater general satisfaction within the company.

Likewise, KEYTER has an Anti-Harassment Protocol as a method to follow in order to establish the necessary preventive actions against any kind of harassment at work, generating a working environment that respects the dignity of the workers and in which any illegal harassment or discrimination is eradicated in order to avoid the great incidence of the indicated situations on their health, morale, confidence and self-esteem.

You can see KEYTER’s complete Equality Plan from here.

Equality Plan: Anti-Harassment Protocol


The purpose of this procedure is to establish the method to be followed to establish the necessary preventive actions against any type of harassment at work, generating a work environment that respects the dignity of the workers and in which any illegal harassment or discrimination is eradicated in order to avoid the great incidence of the indicated situations on the health, morale, confidence and self-esteem of the workers.



This procedure applies to all workers of KEYTER TECHNOLOGIES.

With regard to the types of harassment that may occur at work, we differentiate three:

– Sexual harassment.

– Sexual harassment.

– Moral harassment.



KEYTER TECHNOLOGIES is a harassment-intolerant organization that will generate a censorious and punitive climate against the harasser, and another of understanding and respect towards the potential victims. The victims may address the harasser directly to stop the behavior, and if this does not work, they may inform the Compliance Committee and/or the Equality Committee by filling out the complaint form provided on this page.



In the event of a disciplinary file resolution with a sanction that does not entail dismissal, the appropriate measures will be taken so that the aggressor and the victim do not live in the same work environment, with the victim having the option to remain in his or her job or to request a transfer. This transfer should not be detrimental to their working conditions.



The content of this Protocol is compulsory for all the staff of KEYTER TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. Its content will come into force as soon as it is communicated to the staff of the company. It will remain in force until it is modified or replaced by another one. The protocol in force at any time will be available to all staff.



As an introduction to the regulations, we can say that the prevention of harassment at work is included in the main legal texts of Spanish positive law:

– Spanish Constitution

– Workers’ Statute

– Workers’ Law

– Law on prevention of occupational risks

– Law on effective equality between women and men

– Criminal Code


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Updated January 2021