Equipment Renewal

Retrofit / Renovation / Improvement

When did you install your HVAC equipment and is it providing the desired service? Equipment needs renovations, technology upgrades and replacement of components with more current ones. Our Refurbishment Service will help you keep your equipment running smoothly and maximize its life cycle.

KEYTER is the perfect partner to help you achieve the benefits and advantages of HVAC equipment upgrades.


Retrofit / Renovation / Improvement

When you installed your equipment, it was state-of-the-art. However, technologies have developed and improved so that your HVAC equipment, while possibly still serving its purpose, is aging. At this point you should consider possible upgrades to renew and modernize it, thus prolonging its life and improving its efficiency.

We have to consider new improvements and ongoing developments in areas, such as:

  • Energy/energy efficiency
  • Ambient noise
  • Flexibility, production expansion, etc
  • New legal requirements
  • Control of services in non-updated units

If your equipment has not been properly serviced and maintained during its lifetime and there has been an accumulation of incidents, this may have reduced its efficiency and contributed to the deterioration of the system.
After the renovation, KEYTER offers you an integrated joint service solution (RETROFIT + SERVICIO HVAC).

After an initial analysis by our KEYTER SERVICE Engineers, we will advise you regarding your current need for Refurbishment, Upgrades, Provision of interim or backup means during the upgrade project, to maintain the production you need without disruption consequences for your customers, including providing new equipment.

We will be pleased to meet your individual needs together

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    Updated January 2024


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