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F-GAS Challenge: A2L Solutions – Technical Seminar

AFAR in collaboration with AEFYT is organising “F-Gas Challenges: A2L solutions” on Thursday 1 June 2023 in Lucena.

In Europe, the revision of the F-Gas regulation is approaching. All indicates that the availability of fluorinated refrigerants will be restricted from January onwards. The proposed changes are of such a magnitude that they would mean that from 2027 onwards there would no longer be any HFC gas for new installations, and from 2030 onwards there would be no gas requirements for maintenance.

Consequently, different questions arise in the sector What will happen to installations currently operating with HFC refrigerant? With which refrigerant and how are we going to comply with safety regulations in air conditioning applications?

A2L refrigerants are one of the available solutions. And this is what we will be talking about at the conference through lectures and workshops.

This conference is aimed at refrigeration plant owners and operators, engineering studios and installation companies, and will bring together around a hundred people at AFAR’s headquarters in Lucena.

The conference is free of charge with prior registration until full capacity is reached


1 June

09:00h Participants reception
09:30h Conference opening
10:00h Welcome
10:10h “F-Gas review and the challenge of ecological transition” – Javier Cano | AFAR

10:50h “A2L refrigerants and their inclusion in RSIF” – José Pedro García | Chemours

11:30h Coffee break

12:00h “Compressors ready for A2L” – David Michel | Bitzer

12:40h “Air conditioning systems with A2L” – José Arboledas | Keyter

13:20h “A2L refrigerant application workshops:

    Installation of A2L refrigeration plants.            Additional safety measures

    A2L Rooftops

    A2L compressors

14:30h Cocktail

16:00h “Retrofit of refrigeration installations with A2L” – Félix Sanz | AEFYT

16:40h “A2L Chilling Plants” – Daniel Campaña | INTARCON

17:20h ” Elements of control for A2L” – Manuel Jimenez | Sanhua

18:00h A2L Refrigerant Application Workshops

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