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Screw Compressor Heat Pumps with High Efficiency Eco Refrigerant | EcoPumpSCREW

CDTi (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), a public entify of Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, promotes research and technological business development through FEDER programme. CDTI has granted its support to Keyter Technologies by subsidising this project: ” Screw Compression System Heat Pumps with High Efficiency Ecological Refrigerant” (EcoPumpSCREW).

The project involves research and development of a heat pump with ecological refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential). At present, there is no supplier of high-power equipment for the production of chilled water and hot water with screw compressors. Up to now, this type of equipment has been developed with scroll compressors. Which limits the performance and makes installation more expensive. As an additional element of great technological value, we will incorporate an optional to this range for high temperature hot water production equipment.

We pretend to improve efficiency in this kind of equipment thanks to subcooling regulation and compressor speed variation. This system incorporates a sub-cooler that guarantees a higher cooling capacity.

In addition, we will obtain a refrigerant evaporation line that will be introduced in the compressor’s mid-compression zone, reducing the compressor’s work and, therefore, its consumption.

Developing technology for total heat recovery from the condensate air, modifying the current system, which will save energy and refrigerant charge. A bypass will be made in the air condensation coils, so the excess refrigerant will be stored in tanks installed inside the refrigeration circuit. In addition, a system will be installed to ensure the refrigerant is completely drained from the coils.

In this kind of equipment, hydrofluoroolefins (HFO) refrigerants will be studied, which are considered as the 4th generation of fluorinated refrigerant gases (FG). With an ozone depletion potential (ODP) equal to zero and low global warming potential (GWP), they are the solutions with the lowest environmental impact among the fluorinated gases. Specifically, R1234ze flammable GWP equal to zero, and R515B non-flammable, but with a GWP of 293 will be studied. And with natural refrigerants, such as Propane.

This subsidy is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through Spain’s Pluri-regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. The Centre’s funding for granting this type of support comes from the General State Budget through chapter 7 of programme 467C assigned to its Ministry of Trusteeship.

This subsidy is associated with Cervera Network Technical Provisions Fund and R&D&I projects stipulated in Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of 17 March, on extraordinary urgent measures to mitigate economic and social impact of COVID-19 in order to guarantee repayment of the amount of aid resulting from the application of the guarantee exemption measure for SMEs and MIDCAPS in CDTI projects in the face of the health emergency declared by COVID-19.

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