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Installer Community

Enhancing The Profession Value

The Installer Community is a movement promoted by with a large part of the installation sector support.

Its main purpose is to promote the installer-maintainer profession together with installer-manufacturers associations, sector distributors or construction entities.

Reasons to value the installer’s profession

1 – Essential to society. Shops, hospitals and homes depend on it. In retail it can be seen in the distribution and preservation of foodstuffs, in hospitals in medicines and vaccines refrigeration and in homes in thermal comfort or in energy consumption control in buildings.

2 – Creative and practical. Installations and their maintenance require manual and creative skills such as on-site troubleshooting and the fact that each installation is unique and requires a tailor-made solution

3- Environmental commitment. Their work depends on country decarbonisation or renewable energies promotion with their consequent energy savings, helping to preserve the environment.

4 – Well-appreciated technical profile. The installer must always be up to date in terms of materials or units knowledge as well as in regulations terms.

5 – Profession in high demand on the labour market. Low unemployment and good job prospects. It is estimated that building renovation sector needs an average of 18 workers for every million euros invested.

6 – Team value. It´s take part of a multidisciplinary unit and interacts with different profiles and sectors. It is a key link in, for example, the building chain.

7 – Continuous training from public or private entities. In order to carry out the installer work, the company must be accredited in the work to be carried out, such as Rite qualification for thermal installations or the electrician’s qualification to carry out photovoltaic solar panels installations.

8 – Belonging to a guild with a strong associationism. This means that there is a wide associations network that defend the installer interests very strongly vis-à-vis the administration

9 – Good professional projection. Work allows the professional profile to be broadened through progressive higher education and can be combined with work.

10 – Sectoral support. Installer is never alone, both manufacturers and products distributors always advise the installer by providing technical consultancy or specific training so that he can carry out his work in the best possible way.

Keyter, as air conditioning units manufacturer, is one of the main companies in HVAC sector that promotes and safeguards installer figure as an essential part of the value chain. We need more installers and we need them to be prepared to introduce new technologies, so we support them in every project to ensure success and constant training as a means of continuing to grow together.

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