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Keyter, a “Born Global” company

Born Global is defined as a company that, from the moment of its creation, sets itself the objective of internationalisation.

Keyter was created with the aim of improving people’s living conditions in terms of health and welfare through the development of innovative solutions with sustainable energy technologies. In addition to this purpose, from the beginning of the Keyter project, the focus and vision of an international and global company has been added, which frames us in the “Born Global” concept, which we mentioned before. Our vision “Think globally, act locally” has allowed us to reach more than 60 countries around the world, and we have the privilege of helping thousands of people with our solutions: always close to our customers and their projects.


All of our objectives, which are the result of our identity and purpose, are possible thanks to problem-solving strategies, proximity and support for our customers and partners. We do not define ourselves as classic suppliers, we want our customers to win and to win with them, to accompany them in their projects and to be a reliable supplier. Based on this, and in line with our international vision, we must ensure the same service, both commercial, helping and advising on the choice of equipment for each project, and technical assistance service, for its implementation and correct operation, both in the foreign market and in the market in which the company is based. In other words, at Keyter we seek to bring our solutions to all parts of the world, ensuring the same attention that we provide to our closest customers.

We are aware of the importance of knowing the specific characteristics of each market where we want to enter, in order to adapt to each of them. Our strategy to achieve this is to know the peculiarities and characteristics of each country or market through local partners, such as our international delegations, distributors or our subsidiaries. Keyter has established itself mainly in Europe through its local commercial subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Turkey, France and Switzerland, which has opened up these markets to us and allows us to treat each one closely and adapt to the needs of each one.


This opportunity arises as a result of this great project that Keyter has become. Formed by people who are dreamers and passionate about what they do, whose premise is to never stop developing and innovating in high technology, energy efficiency and the environment. Our goal from day one has been that our innovative solutions can reach all over the world, to help society and generate a sustainable and healthy environment: in two words, a “Born Global” company.

This feeling of “Born Global” makes us bet on a multicultural team where diversity is key, bringing more diverse knowledge and points of view. This is the starting way in which Keyter and Andrea’s paths came together.

In this joint path and through Andrea’s postgraduate studies, the Director of the same, Fernando Fuentes, Chair of Internationalisation of the University of Cordoba – UCO, proposes him to write and include Keyter in the book that contains 18 Andalusian companies with success stories in their internationalisation.


Andrea Oliviero, author of this article, is a young Italian born in Cagliari (Sardinia). Andrea studied Political Science at the Università di Cagliari, during this stage and due to the attraction he felt for Spain, he began to study Spanish. At the end of his university studies, moved by his concerns, his desire to grow professionally and the scarce opportunities offered by his place of origin; he decided to take a new direction outside his country and complete his training with a Master’s Degree in Foreign Trade at the University of Cordoba. Andrea starts at Keyter in March 2019 as part of the internship programme of her postgraduate studies. He currently continues to work in Keyter’s Engineering Department, where he is in charge of supporting the international clients of our foreign trade network.

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