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Keyter at the CTA-Gartner Encounter with the Innovative Ecosystem

230629 Encuentro CTA-Gartner con el Ecosistema Innovador-1

Last Thursday, Keyter had the privilege of attending a prominent gathering in Málaga, organized by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) in collaboration with Gartner, a renowned global leader in research and advisory services for information technology. This event represented an invaluable opportunity to establish contacts and connect with prominent industry leaders and innovators.

Representing Keyter, Miguel Ángel Lobato attended this gathering, taking the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the latest trends and disruptive technologies that are transforming the current landscape. Keyter’s participation in this event reaffirms our commitment to innovation and technological development.

The Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a foundation whose main objective is to promote research, development, and innovation in the business field. The CTA holds its Board of Trustees, the highest governing body of the foundation, in different locations, and on this occasion, it took place in Málaga. Additionally, an office has been inaugurated in the city, located in the Adif building of Málaga Tech Park. The presence of the corporation in Málaga and its firm commitment to innovation have significantly boosted the activity of this innovation cluster in the region.

On the other hand, Gartner is globally recognized as a leading company in research and advisory services for information technology. Their extensive experience and knowledge in the technological field make them a key reference for organizations seeking to adapt to an increasingly digital environment. During the event, Francisco de los Santos, an executive partner at Gartner, spoke about “the future of generative AI for businesses.” In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of understanding the fundamentals, trends, and use cases of generative artificial intelligence to fully leverage its potential in the business sector and mitigate associated risks.

Francisco de los Santos highlighted that, beyond the excessive enthusiasm and hype surrounding generative artificial intelligence, it is essential to thoroughly understand its fundamentals and explore its various use cases to fully harness its capabilities. Although we are in the early stages of this technology, it is crucial to adopt an open mindset and be aware of the involved risks. While generative AI will not replace many professionals, those who can effectively utilize it will have an advantage over those unfamiliar with it.

230629 Encuentro CTA-Gartner con el Ecosistema Innovador

According to Francisco de los Santos’ recommendations, organizations must be willing to explore and plan a robust strategy to integrate generative AI into their processes. It is essential to keep the CEO and CIO informed and updated on advancements in this area, as generative AI has the potential to transform how companies operate and engage with their customers.

The future of generative AI looks promising for businesses, offering exciting possibilities in terms of personalization, automation, and content generation. From creating innovative designs to producing unique content, generative AI has the potential to boost creativity and enhance efficiency across multiple sectors.

At Keyter, we are committed to leading the way in the development and implementation of disruptive technologies in the field of HVAC. Participation in events like the one organized by the CTA in collaboration with Gartner allows us to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and explore new collaboration opportunities with industry leaders and innovators.

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