NEWS • 30.04.2023

Keyter Communication Viessmann-Carrier Agreement

Dear Customers and Collaborators

Following recent news about the merger agreement of the company Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier, who have combined their heating business area merging Viessmann CS residential boilers and heat pumps activities with Carrier Global Corporation, we want to share with you that Keyter Technologies , as an independent company, is not affected by this collaboration agreement, nor does it have anything to do with Carrier Global Corporation.

In this sense, Keyter Technologies maintains its own market strategy, defending our traditional customers and installers, and our intention is to maintain our roadmap without deviations. We are in a moment of change worldwide and our challenge is to know how to adapt and face these new ways of moving around the world.

In a few days, we will have more information which we can share with you, answer questions and clarify doubts related to above mentioned operation. Surely this information will be related to this new Viessmann formula, which should be compatible with the need to move towards the future and improve the well-being of its direct collaborators.

We understand the importance of having our customers and collaborators, for us they are a fundamental asset in the development of our company. Our invitation is to continue walking together with this roadmap, maintaining our mutual cooperation and with the confidence that our decisions will be to continue facing the future while preserving our corporate social responsibility policy.

Yours truly,

Antonio Blanco-Luque

CEO Keyter Technologies

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