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Keyter is present at VSK 2020

Keyter is again present at VSK Utrecht with its commercial subsidiary Keyter Intarcon Nederland. This year’s edition of VSK will take place from February 4th – 7th February at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (The Netherlands), where you can find us in Hall 11, stand B060.


VSK 2020 is the sectorial exhibition where you will find all the information and latest developments in the field of installation. The theme of this edition is “In the middle of the future” leading to the idea that the future starts today. This type of event becomes very necessary in a sector and scope in which installers have high demands of knowledge about the new market developments and the implementation of these new developments in their respective applications.

Get ready for the future

In this way, VSK 2020 is a sectorial event that cannot be missed, where knowledge is shared to prepare for a future, and to create a forum for exchange where the installation sector can grow faster and adapt to the continuous changes in the market.


During this edition we try to find answers to questions that are currently emerging on energy efficiency, digitalization processes, remote control and regulation, environment and the preparation and participation of new generations of installers where highly qualified profiles are required everyday.


At VSK 2020 all those involved in the process of manufacturing, design, installation, advice and maintenance of installations can obtain information and answers to the questions that are emerging from actual trends. This edition focuses on heat, gas, cooling, air and environment with a special emphasis on residential and industry. It covers technical climate solutions for installers and gives a special place to sustainable energy, heat pumps and low-temperature air-conditioning systems. Ensuring that new heating, air treatment and ventilation systems guarantee maximum indoor comfort and air quality.

Presentation of Keyter NORDIK

Keyter, in collaboration with Keyter Intarcon Nederland, presents its wide range of heat pump chillers that become the perfect solution for colder climates. Within our range of chillers, we have developed Keyter NORDIK, a high-temperature heat pump for the coldest climates, especially for these markets. Achieving water heated to 60ºC with -10ºC outside temperature.


NORDIK, reversible heat pump for high temperatures is an air-to-water chiller which with an innovative heat pump system has been developed, designed for heating to meet the energy demand of buildings and industry where its consumption currently accounts for approximately 40% of final energy consumption and where nearly 65% of this demand relies on fossil fuels sources. Keyter NORDIK proposes a switch to a clean and renewable solution based on energy efficiency, which means a saving in energy consumption of 60% less than electric resistance heating.

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