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Keyter Life Mobile compact air-conditioning units

HVAC systems play a very important role in hospitals, as well as in emergency facilities set up for medical use, where they must not only maintain comfortable temperature and humidity conditions for patients and staff, but also ensure that air is clean and free of germs, contributing to the well-being of patients and preventing the spread of disease. This means that compact mobile air-conditioning units designed for modular facilities, tents or other mobile premises that are urgently needed as health services must have certain characteristics that must be considered in a special way.
Keyter designs and manufactures the compact mobile air-conditioning units Keyter Life Shelter, used mainly in temporary facilities of various kinds such as emergency medical or military facilities, airports, tents or portable buildings. Compact air-air equipment for mobile air conditioning specially designed to be easily transported, piled up for optimum storage and with wheels for better handling at destination.

Prepared for extreme temperatures

With a power of up to 17 kW, they are used to cool and dehumidify the air in this type of mainly sanitary and emergency installations. Keyter Life Shelter units are equipped with external or internal fans with EC technology, which allows them to be very efficient as ventilation and air recirculation units in these installations.


They are prepared to work with extreme external temperatures of up to 55ºC. They are located outdoors so they are highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation. Their design is intended for the installation of air ducts directly by very fast connections.


Their electronic regulation and supervision systems of simple use and high performance make them efficient solutions, easy to install and maintain wherever they are needed immediately.

Technical sheet

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