NEWS • 07.05.2020

Keyter manufactures units for energy, industry and telecom

It is undeniable that electrical energy is becoming increasingly important as an energy source for industry, buildings and infrastructure. As more sophisticated systems are included in current facilities, as well as new systems are replacing older systems operating with other energy sources, such as combustion heating systems being replaced by heat pumps, electrical energy tends to be the main source of energy. Each type of sector has different needs, depending on the demands of its markets and its users, so that a more adaptable and flexible energy supply is increasingly necessary to optimize its use and costs.


The evolution of this sector has been so fast in recent years that it has required the development of new solutions and product ranges that respond to the needs in such a quick change. In this sense, the manufacturers of this type of solutions have opted for customizable and integrable developments in the different projects, both at the hardware and software level, integrated supervision solutions that ensure supply, capable of meeting the needs of any type of electricity generation.

Modular manufacturing of projects

One of the most important trends in this market is the modular manufacturing of projects by building pre-assembled and factory-tested modules, providing cheaper, more reliable and faster to deploy industrialised solutions. These types of applications are very suitable for situations where temporary solutions are required, for example in emergency situations, or in locations where there are access difficulties.


These modular systems are very easy to assemble and commission, and provide quick access to energy supplies, precisely when they are most needed. For these modular systems, Keyter has also adapted and developed its products both in terms of machinery design and software, to achieve equipment that is easy to integrate into these modules and provide maximum reliability in the field. This type of Keyter systems has been installed in plants and substations that serve field hospitals, photovoltaic and wind power plants, oil extraction fields and mining fields, data processing centers, telephone and communication systems, military applications, etc.

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