NEWS • 12.06.2020

Keyter offers Sealix® in Spain

Keyter took a firm step in R&D&I and reaches an agreement with SWEP International AB (world leader in plate heat exchangers for industrial, heating and air conditioned applications). With this collaboration, we can offer our customers Sealix® solutions (for the first time in Spain).


This agreement means the introduction of the latest technologies in the components used for the manufacture of Keyter equipment. Sealix® is the first plate heat exchanger with a protective layer of Silicon Oxide (SiO2) which allows it to obtain a resistance equivalent to a titanium exchanger in terms of resistance to corrosion, chlorine and salt, but mechanically more robust to pressure, with better mechanical performance and reliability.


The customized organic features of the Sealix® coating modify the surface energy and improve performance in terms of fouling and scaling. This innovative protective layer shows less lime adhesion and higher decalcifying capacity. While providing these advantages, it maintains the high thermal and hydraulic performance of BPHEs.

Commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation

Sealix® with multipurpose resistance since the same components can be used for salt water or chlorinated water, presents a clear benefit in its use in marine applications, where corrosion is very high, allowing to support salt concentrations in water of up to 3.7% (only the Dead Sea has this concentration) and free chlorine of 300ppm.


In addition, this SiO2 layer is certified for food use, since the treatment is the same that is used inside conventional soft drink cans. So it can be used for direct water exchange in food processes or even swimming pools.

It is without doubt an absolute advantage in the life of the exchanger, increases the operational safety of the whole system and significantly reduces maintenance costs by allowing the installation of more compact and economical air conditioning equipment, given that in applications where titanium or multitubular Cupronickel exchangers should have been used in the past, we now have this new technology that allows us to install smaller plate exchangers.


With this alliance, Keyter once again demonstrates its commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency by incorporating optional components from the latest technology in the sector into its production process.

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