NEWS • 05.04.2019

Keyter participates in Confort FV Project

Keyter participates in the Confort FV Project of the Feder-innterconecta program, in the part R&D. This participation is in collaboration with Irradia Energía in the development of  the technological project “Confort FV”.


Confort FV is a development device for direct coupling of solar photovoltaic energy in efficiency units of air conditioning and ACS production in the tertiary sector and residential.

Technical solution for air-conditioning units

The Confort FV Project has been a technological solution for the air conditioning units to work through photovoltaic production for coupling systems, reach a lower energy consumption and also makes that these come directly from renewable sources.


The solution presented in Confort FV will respond of an innovative approach to techniques and technological needs to get the energy sustainability and independence in the residential and the tertiary sector, from the diversified applications to photovoltaic technology.

Industry and residentials consume 65%

Currently, the refrigeration and air conditioning systems consumed in Europe the 65% of the energy expenditure in the residential as well as the industrial sector. In this situation, projects like Confort FV are contributing solutions in which is marked for the current normative.


The Feder-innterconecta program is financed by CDTi (Industrial Technological Development Center) and co-financed by the ERDF (Regional Development European Funds), into the R&D management plan of Regional Cooperation of the Scientific Research and Innovation Government Plan from 2017 – 2020.

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