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Keyter participates in the conference “Efficient and sustainable air conditioning solutions for HORECA sector” invited by AFEC, Spanish Association of Air Conditioning Manufacturers.

ExpoFood Service is an important meeting point for management and hospitality equipment for commercial catering, hotels … this edition held at Ifema in Madrid in the Mab Hotel Space, gives to know the latest developments in the sector.

Within this context, heat pump technology has been promoted, where experts from the sector have talked about the benefits of heat pumps, its applications, its contribution to the improvement of indoor air quality, its contribution to decarbonization policies, etc.

Francisco Javier Sanabria, Keyter’s Prescription Manager, has participated in this session explaining Heat Pump: Solutions for high temperature hot water production where he has been able to present Keyter’s current solutions.
Air-to-water heat pumps, 
NORDIK range developed to supply water at high temperature even in the coldest climates. This range completes the ARGIA high temperature heat pumps for mild climates that reach flow temperatures up to 70ºC.
This range of equipment provides water at temperatures above 60ºC at extreme outdoor temperatures down to -20ºC, guaranteeing the production of high temperature water in very extreme conditions. This range integrates the latest technology in defrost management for cold climates, equipped with liquid-injected PSH compressors with wide operating range and high seasonal energy efficiency thanks to multi-scroll technology, EC axial fans with Silent-Ring and electronic expansion valve as standard.


High temperature Heat pumps
for cold climates


High temperature Heat pumps
for mild climates


On the other hand, within high temperature solutions, KEYTER presents MEDEA MAXIMA range water-to-water units with capacity to supply hot water up to 78ºC. This range works with high compression ratio compressors with R134a refrigerant and available under consultation with low GWP non-flammable R513A refrigerant.
With an optimized design which highlights a very high efficiency in the production of hot water, with a very small footprint, easy and safe indoor installation and low noise level.
These units allow a perfect integration in many heating applications from residential and commercial applications to industrial environments being an IDEAL SOLUTION WHERE VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE WATER IS REQUIRED from RADIATORS, DHW PRODUCTION to fan coils and underfloor heating.
In addition, installation of these equipment in cascade allows the simultaneous production of chilled water and water at very high temperature.

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