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Professional as The Best

If you have work experience, but have not had the opportunity to get an official qualification, you are as professional as the best.

With Andalucía Acredita, if you have 3 years of work experience or 300 hours of training you can accredit your professional competences and obtain a professionalism certificate, which will allow you to access better jobs..

This is done through:

• In a general nature, aimed at the general population.
• In a specific nature, derived from collaboration agreements made with entities or organisations that have so requested, and aimed at people who work for them or who meet certain requirements.

Accreditation achieved:

• Full professional qualification: the person demonstrates that he/she has all the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil a given occupation or job.
Levels: 1, 2 or 3, according to the degree of knowledge, autonomy and responsibility required to perform the work activity. Possibility of applying for the corresponding professionalism certificate, if it exists.

• Competence units of a vocational qualification: the person demonstrates some of the knowledge and skills required for a given occupation or job. A vocational qualification is therefore composed of several competence units.

It is valid throughout the national territory.

For more information:

Andalusian Institute of Professional Qualifications:

Andalucía Orienta :

CAUCE Service Centre 900 848 000

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