Purified and clean air for ministries

Keyter supplies mobile AirSanit technology units, Air Treatment and Purification Units with technology exclusively developed by Keyter for the regional administration offices of the Regional Ministries of Finance and Education, where they will be located in the common areas on the ground floor at Torretriana Building in Seville.

The challenge

This technology has been verified in the NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) laboratories of the Subdirectorate General of Earth Systems of the Spanish Ministry of Defence National Institute of Aerospace Techniques (INTA). Tests with real viruses revealed that after four minutes of operation no viruses are collected in the air outlet of UTAP unit, with an efficiency of pathogen concentration reduction of more than 99% in the first seconds of operation.

The solution

AirSanit Air Treatment and Purification technology is based on a triple germicidal action of different stages of purification of recirculated air from a closed enclosure. It incorporates an exclusive DETOX System, UV-C ultraviolet light and filtration before being expelled outside. The filters incorporated are a G4 pre-filter stage, and a high efficiency HEPA 13 type filter, optionally HEPA 14 type and Active Carbon. This system is also effective in eliminating other pathogens such as bacteria and fungi, as well as reducing odours and pollutants present in buildings, called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). UTAPs with AirSanit technology are totally compatible with human presence as they do not produce any type of chemical product that may be harmful to people, such as ozone, chlorine or ions of any kind, which may have long-term negative effects on human health as well as produce significant deterioration on surfaces of the treated enclosures over time. The units supplied will ensure the safety of users and workers by improving air quality.

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