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Technical Conference: “Heating and cooling technologies in industrial applications” with CTA and Iberdrola 

CTA, Technological Corporation of Andalusia in collaboration with Iberdrola are carrying out different actions with the aim of promoting the decarbonisation of the economy. KEYTER as a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, together with other companies in the sector is actively participating in the dissemination of heat pump technology, as well as various real efficient air conditioning solutions already applied by industrial thermal consumers, as well as public bodies and services.

Green HVAC technologies are one of the key pillars to achieve the decarbonisation of the economy. Meeting the demand for heating and cooling through energy-efficient and/or renewable energy-based solutions is essential to advance in the energy transition towards decarbonisation.

In this cycle, the Technical Conference on Heating and Cooling Technologies in Industrial Applications will take place in person at the headquarters of AFAR, the Andalusian Refrigeration Manufacturers Association in Lucena, Cordoba 

During the conference, the Andalusian aid programme for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources to meet thermal demands will be detailed

2nd June, 2022

12:00h – 14:45h


 12.00h. – Opening and Institutional Welcome 

  • Elías Atienza, General Director of CTA
  • Antonio Fernández, Delegate of Iberdrola in Andalusia

 12.10h. – State of the art of heat pumps and industrial refrigeration

  • José Arboledas, Head of training and special projects, AFAR

 12.30h. – Case 1: Iberdrola’s value proposition for industrial decarbonisation 

  • Fernando Mateo, Head of Industrial Decarbonisation, Iberdrola 

 12.45h. – Case 2: Refrigeration installation with natural refrigerants in a goat slaughterhouse 

  • Pedro Sánchez, Plant Manager, Cohiver
  • Rafael Estévez, Engineering Manager, Imangener
  • Pedro Espinar, Prescription Engineer, Intarcon

13.00h. – Case 3: New energy installations at the Ifapa “Agua del Pino” centre

  • Pablo Alonso, General Manager, Irradia Energía
  • Francisco Javier Sanabria, Prescription Manager, Keyter

13.15h. – Case 4: The role of biomass in industrial decarbonisation

  • Emilio López, Industrial Business Director, REBI

13.30h. – Case 5: New refrigeration installation in the Virgen del Rocío Hospital

  • José Luis Arjona Sánchez, Deputy Director of Engineering and Maintenance, Virgen del Rocío University Hospital 

13.45h. – Aid programme: Andalusian Energy Agency

  • María José Colinet, Director of Financing and Promotion of Energy Actions, Andalusian Energy Agency

14.00h. – Question time

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