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Technical Workshop on Fundamental Aspects of RITE 2021

KEYTER organizes in collaboration with AVICLIMA, Valencian Association of Installers and Maintainers of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, formed by companies and professionals in the sector, Technical Conference on the entry into force in 2021 of the new RITE. 

Date: MARCH 8, 2022
Time: from 17:30h until 20:30h
Format: Face-to-face
PHONE: 963719761


We will discuss with Jose Arboledas, Head of Training and Special Projects Keyter, the key points of change that involves the new RITE with respect to its previous version, the new requirements for energy efficiency, air recovery, increased demand for replacement of solar panels more boilers ACS by aerothermal heat pump.

Content of the Technical Seminar
1.- Inauguration of the Conference
2.- Fundamental Aspects of the RITE 2021
2.1 New concepts:

    -Renewable Energy
    -Residual Energy
    -District Heating
2.2 Ecological Design (EcoDesign)
    -Why, Climate Zones and their interpretation
    -Regulations that affect it
2.3 New comfort standards
    -The concept of PPD and PMV
2.4 Heat recovery from extract air
    -New air flow rates for heat recovery insertion

    -Efficiency of cross-flow and rotary recuperators
2.5 Modifications in the parameters of the heat load calculation
    -New external conditions for the calculation.
2.6 The use of renewable and waste energies
    -Conditions on the justification of aerothermal energy as a renewable energy
    -Concept of SPF, Primary Energies and CO2 Emissions
2.7 Fluid Transport
    -New requirements for duct tightness, pipe insulation and fan specific power
2.8 Modifications in Maintenance, Use and Inspections
3.- Colloquium


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