NEWS • 07.07.2022

Importance of a Good Anti-vibration System in Air-conditioning Units Facilities

Keyter designs and manufactures air conditioning units adapted to our customers’ needs, guaranteeing highly robust and efficient solutions which incorporate the latest technologies in the field of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air purification. The quality, reliability and adaptation of our units, as well as our service is giving us the confidence of more and more professionals in the industry every day. 

In Keyter we support our customers and partners from unit selection, its adaptation through a wide range of options, as well as support for installation and commissioning, always counting on our experience and proximity with the manufacturer.

As manufacturers we understand the vital importance of each unit to be equipped with all necessary elements to ensure its optimum performance, that is why Keyter offers our customers the highest quality anti-vibration accessories which can be included as options directly at the time of placing the order.

We know how important it is for air conditioning facilities to have a correct anti-vibration system for their perfect operation since noise and vibrations could disturb compressor operation, even in the most favorable installation circumstances. Without forgetting internal stresses supported by the refrigeration circuit, which could result in unexpected leaks due to material fatigue if it does not have a correct anti-vibration system.

Keyter, in order to guarantee optimal conditions for their units operations, currently collaborates with Lesol company, dedicated to manufacture, marketing and sale antivibration accessories for vibration and noise isolation. Lesol’s anti-vibration systems guarantee a correct unit operation, preventing possible power loss, reducing failures and extending useful and efficient life of each unit. It also contributes to the well-being of the people who work around it.

As a result of the collaboration between KEYTER and LESOL, thanks to the LESOL web simulator,!/intro the most suitable anti-vibration elements have been determined for each Keyter unit, maximizing their effectiveness and achieving the best vibration isolation values.  


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