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World Refrigeration Day 2023:

Commitment, Innovation, and Sustainability in the Industry

Once again, KEYTER is joining forces with AFAR (Andalusian Association of Refrigeration Manufacturers), AFEC (Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers), and AEFYT (Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies) to celebrate World Refrigeration Day on June 26th.

This year’s campaign, titled “Next Generation Cooling” focuses on the future of refrigeration technology, the industry, and the people working in it. In an increasingly warmer world, it is crucial for us to adapt and evolve to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise in the sector. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry is evolving to meet the growing demand for low-carbon solutions, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all our actions and business decisions. We strive to implement practices and measures that reduce the environmental impact of our activities and maintain a preventive approach that benefits the environment and reduces our company’s carbon footprint. Some of the actions we have taken include:

  1. Energy efficiency: We design and manufacture highly energy-efficient industrial air conditioning equipment. Our systems are designed to maximize performance and minimize energy consumption, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions.
  2. Use of natural refrigerants: We work with technologies and refrigerants that meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.
  3. R&D: We are constantly seeking new solutions and technologies that are more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  4. Collaboration with associations and organizations: We partner with AFAR, AFEC, and AEFYT to promote sustainability in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. We work together to establish standards and practices that reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in the industry.
  5. Education and awareness: Our commitment to training and awareness is reflected in our efforts to promote the importance of sustainable refrigeration among our employees and customers. Additionally, we carry out training activities and establish collaborations with Vocational Training Centers, Universities, and Professional Training Centers, with the aim of equipping our customers, employees, and future professionals with the necessary skills to face challenges and adopt more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

At KEYTER, we are committed to leading the way towards the next generation of refrigeration. We believe that the future is in our hands and that together we can make a difference. We urge the entire refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump sector to join us in celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2023 and to work together towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

KEYTER INTARCON GENAQ, in line with its commitment to these values, sponsors the Spanish celebration of Día Mundial de la Refrigeración annually, as well as the international promotion of World Refrigeration Day.

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