NEWS • 20.06.2020

World Refrigeration Day

For the first time in Spain, this year’s World Refrigeration Day will be celebrated on (every) June 26th, with the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).


It will be celebrated in Ateneo of Madrid promoted by several associations of the sector, AEFYT, Association of Companies of the Cold and its Technologies, and AFEC, Association of Manufacturers of Equipment of Climatization, in collaboration with AFAR, Association of Andalusian Manufacturers of Refrigeration and with the support of the most important companies of the sector.

Coolest day of the year

The objective of this commemoration is to increase the general conscience of the importance of the role of the industry of the air conditioning and the refrigeration in the present society. Business associations and industry professionals around the world have formally supported the date so that we are all united in this day and the Sector of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can celebrate its enormous contribution to the modern lifestyle.


British consultant Steve Gill, was one of its main driving forces and stated at a meeting of the United Nations Environment Program: “The refrigeration industry is often described as a hidden industry. Now, we have a day to raise awareness of the truly incredible work we do globally. The technologies and applications of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps arose from the human need for food, comfort and thermal processes. This is a story that goes back centuries, but for those of us who work in this industry, it is still a frustration not to receive due recognition.”


“Every 26th of June, we celebrate the coolest day of the year.”

Nuno Caprioza (Field Service Engineer)

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