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Keyter Intarcon Genaq: “Dual VET allows us to train students in the real needs of the company and the sector”

Keyter Intarcon Genaq, joined the Alliance for Dual Vocational Training during a ceremony held at its headquarters in Lucena.

• The company has been developing Dual VET projects since 2018 with schools in Granada, Cordoba, Jaen and Alicante

• By joining the Alliance for Dual VET, they want to enhance the value of the profession and consolidate the professionalism of each position

• For Keyter Intarcon Genaq, dual vocational training enables young people to vastly improve their employability

During the ceremony, Manuel Izquierdo, the group’s human resources director, stressed that his experience with Dual Vocational Training has been to facilitate the training of students for their better integration into the labour market, focusing on learning, their integration and transmitting their commitment to the organisation.

He added that Dual VET goes a step further than traditional VET and allows them to train students in the real needs of both the company and the sector, and to adapt the training content.

Keyter Intarcon Genaq has been developing Dual VET projects since 2018 with different educational centres in Cordoba, Granada, Jaen and Alicante, and has an incorporation rate of over 80% of students from VET.

The entity finds multiple benefits to Dual VET, among which it is worth highlighting that it allows young people to greatly improve their employability, having acquired a wide range of skills to join the labour market after their training, and that the student is registered with the Social Security and receives a salary, which is attractive and motivating.

For society as a whole, this modality makes it possible to develop training content adapted to the needs of the moment and of the sector.

Ignacio de Benito, senior project manager of the Bertelsmann Foundation, highlighted the importance of companies such as Keyter Intarcon Genaq‘s commitment to this type of training and the high rate of incorporation of young people who complete their training in the company.

The role of the Alliance in the development of new Dual VET projects

With this membership, Keyter Intarcon Genaq believes that it will allow them to advance in the planning and development of Dual VET in their environment, providing a network that will allow them to professionalise the programmes they have developed through the good practices of other member companies and centres, and add value to the training model. It also allows them to consolidate the professionalism of each position and the internal development of each profile.

What is the Bertelsmann Foundation?

The Alliance for Dual Vocational Training is an initiative promoted since 2015 by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Princess of Girona Foundation, the CEOE and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. It is a statewide network of more than 1,500 companies, educational centres and institutions, which aims to promote the development of quality Dual Vocational Training in Spain.

About Keyter Intarcon Genaq

Keyter Intarcon Genaq are industrial companies that design and manufacture air conditioning equipment, commercial and industrial refrigeration and atmospheric water generators, respectively. Keyter Intarcon Genaq are companies recognised for their work in R&D&I, technological innovation and preservation of the environment through proposals for more efficient solutions and the use of natural refrigerants. The organisation understands training as one of the keys to the development of its project and has been committed for years to training before and during the incorporation of its different projects.

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