NEWS • 26.05.2023

Keyter Promotes Efficiency In Building Projects By Using BIM Methodology In Its Units

KEYTER offers a wide range of equipment in Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology as an additional resource for optimizing project planning, design, management, and construction.

The construction sector continues to advance towards greater efficiency, and KEYTER takes a step further in its commitment to service and technology, and makes available the BIM families of a wide range of products from our catalogue, which will progressively expand.

The BIM methodology consists of using 3D models that contain more information than just graphics and also provide users with information on the properties of each component of the project. Through the necessary software, the information of the installation in the project is combined in such a way that a virtual model of the building is available on which the parties involved in both the project and the execution of the work can work. In this way, the aim is to make available to the users all the information necessary to implement the project and its interaction with the rest of the components, being able to reveal the evolution of the project in advance, reducing the risks of delay, increasing the quality of the execution and optimising deadlines and costs.

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Engineering firms, installers, and maintenance professionals can incorporate BIM families into their projects, enabling more efficient coordination and a preconceived understanding of the location of each element in the building, even before construction begins. In case of any incidents, they can easily locate each component.

The BIM families provided by KEYTER are another step towards facilitating the work of our collaborators and working together to prevent issues and extra costs.

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on our website or request the models from us to start enjoying the benefits of implementing BIM methodology in your HVAC&R air conditioning projects.

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