NEWS • 01.04.2019

Keyter was rewarded by Innovation Gallery at C&R 2019

We are proud to announce that we are awarded for our innovative work and new products during the last C&R exhibition at Feria de Madrid (February 26th – March 1st, 2019).


The group could present itself at the Innovation Gallery with three of their latest innovations innovators and technical proposals that reduce the energy consumption and maximize the energy efficiency. Based on the standards established for the selection of these product, the jury valued the innovations, with respect for the environment, the quality and the design.

Presentation of new units

We have presented air treatment through a chemical process, named GALISTEA. This new system improves the efficiency of  the unit by a dehumification process and reduces the energy consumption. GALISTEA is based on electrodynamics technics and is a new solution  that improves on the energy efficiency.


Intarcon presented the R290 intarCUBE chiller, with variable flow, which was also rewarded.


The group also was awarded for their Kiconex supervision and control system, which allows remote monitoring and control, in this way improve the functioning and performance of the connected equipment.

Aftermovie C&R 2019

Aftermovie with several explanations of Keyter’s Francisco Raya (Commercial Manager), Germán Gil (Business Development Manager) and Miguel Galisteo (Operations Manager).

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